I sometimes complain about them “rolling up the sidewalks at 9:00” in this town, but if you do a bit research, you will find that there are some really interesting things happening almost any night.  Click on the pictures below for quick links to the venue calendar page.  I will try to keep them up-to-date, but if you get a 404 error, do your own search!  Check out the bottom of this post for more info.

hopmonk (Custom)scc (Custom)rialto (Custom)msw (Custom)mrl (Custom)french (Custom)dhyana (Custom)CoffeeCatz (Custom)StudioE (Custom)aubergine - 755 After DarkJasper (Custom)scagypsy cafe

HopMonk Abbey – (Bigger name bands on most nights).  Open Mic on Tuesdays.

Jasper O’Farrell’s – (Local bar.  Pool table.  Small stage.  Some bands, some DJs.)

Sebastopol Community Center – (Big stage.  Folding Chairs.  Great Folk and Ethnic bands)

Rialto Movie Theatre (multi-screen theater with 1st run movies and some nice art movies, too!)

Main Stage West (80-seat live theater, sometimes music shows)

Studio E – (House concerts with excellent acts in a Barn/Recording studio).  Hard to find event calendars, but call for info!

French Garden Bistro and Cafe – (Upscale restaurant with weekend live music and organic food).

755 AfterDark at Aubergine Cafe (Vintage Clothing by day, Hipster/Local bands by night). Open Mic on Wednesdays.

Coffee Catz – (Small cafe with a grand piano).  Open Mic on Mondays.  Blue Grass Sat. afternoon.  Science Buzz Cafe Thurs.,   West Coast Songwriters some Fridays.

Dhyana Center (Ayurveda community and healing).  Some Saturdays are Mystic Dance nite.

Many Rivers Books & Tea – (Thursday evenings often have lectures of a spiritual nature).

Sebastopol Center for the Arts (Now at the Vets Hall – New stage, weekend hours, some Friday night concerts)

Gypsy Cafe (Comfort food, some Friday night concerts)

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