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Yard Art

Most people around town already know about the zany, urban art sculptures created by Patrick and Brigitte ( on Florence Ave.  I have included a few of their MANY pieces here.  But I am continually amazed at how many other folks have found a place for art in their front yard.  I especially like coming across a little miniature world in the grass.  It is a sign of a healthy community.

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Sunday Farmer’s Market

The Sunday Farmer’s Market is like the village well.  These shots were taken in February and March when the market is in Winter mode.  Once the summer comes around it is really hopping.  We are fortunate to still live close enough to the small, family farms that grow and care about our food.

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Fish Decals

The Christian fish symbol has been used to identify the driver as a member of some kind of Christian faith.  I’m sure there are many more versions than I have found here locally, but I find most of them very amusing.  Everybody seems to want to get in on the act.

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